The Activity Mathbook

Have you noticed I’ve been in love with printables and e-books lately? I’m mastering my skills slowly and am really curious to see where this adventure can take me. I’m really super happy with the e-book I’m giving you today, it’s super simple, and very pretty, and it’s all about introducing toddlers to math.

Activity Mathbook

Don’t run away! It is very basic math, that on many pages has very little (or nothing) to do with numbers.

Math seems to be a big word when put next to a 2 or 3 year old. But is it? I don’t want to be the nerd here and tell you how exciting and adventurous math can be, so let me just tell you what my high school teacher used to say – math is all around us.

It truly is! Even in toddlers’ world!

When we compare sizes – it’s math. When we look for a place our new pair of shoes could fit on the shelf – math. When we take out plates to put them on the dinner table – math again. Even the simple concepts are touching mathematical wisdom.

Activity Mathbook 0-5

And this is exactly what this Activity Mathbook is all about. There are some pages with objects to count, and (because my daughter loves it) numbers to trace, but it’s mostly about pointing to what is bigger/smaller, recognizing bigger and smaller groups, spotting differences, pointing to the highest point, and solving a very simple labyrinth.

It might be challenging for most 2 year olds, but it is not a test. It’s just a bunch of pictures with questions that encourage parents to explain things obvious to adults, but not so always evident to tots. Seriously, it is not a test, stay relaxed, and DON’T PANIC.

Activity Mathbook 0-5


How to use it?

The oldschool way: print it and go through in any order you like. Reuse it later as drawing pages, finish the pictures, draw on them.

The new-parent way: download it on your phone or tablet and use the digital version on the go. It works great in the restaurants, in any waiting room, or as a travel entertainer. Kids can even do tracing activities by using their finger.

The new-parent way with an upgrade: download a drawing app on your phone (I use “Drawing Desk” iPhone app), then take screen shots of few pages of the ebook and upload each picture to the drawing app. Voilà! Kids’ fingers will now leave the actual trace on the tracing pages, and on the rest they can draw whatever.


Download the Activity Mathbook here.

Activity Mathbook covering numbers 0-5, for kids aged between 2 and 3.



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