11 traditional winter meals

Traditional winter meals around the world

Winter ahead – fridge up! With this list you’ll be able to accommodate every taste, explore the world, and eat accordingly to the cold weather. From cheese, and lentils, to beef, lamb, and weird french fries. SO here it is: a list of 9 traditional winter meals from around the (cold) world.


Beetroot burger

Beetroot burger. Vegan yaminess.

If you ever had a beetroot burger before, you wouldn’t need an intro. But because you’re here I have to assume that you haven’t had a beetroot burger before. I should assume that you clicked through only to have a confirmation that a beetroot burger is a gag-causing yackiness. Well, my dear friend – it…
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Global table adventure – potato curry

If you haven’t heard of Sasha, the creator and writer at the Global Table Adventure blog, you’ll be glad you stopped by Milk. You’re welcome. If you want to be wowed, continue reading.

Potato curry by Global Table Adventure (Sasha Martin). For more delicious recipes check out her book "Life from scratch".

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Crispy eggplant

I love it when my mum comes. She is a superhuman: she’ll do every single housecleaning chore before I even think that it needs to be done, she’ll cook 2 delicious warm meals, she’ll go out with Z outside and will still manage to get a lot of work done, read the newspaper, Skype with my sister and more. She seems to be the only human being on Earth, for whom 24h is actually enough to do it all.

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Vegan nachos meal

When we started our dairy-free (and later vegan) journey, I crossed nachos of my cooking list. Because hey, nachos without cheese? Nope. If I only knew how wrong I was.

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10 allergy-free breakfasts recipes

10 allergy free breakfasts recipes fb2

It is said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It seems cereal, eggs and bread are perfect tummy-fillers in the morning, easy and quick to make and are never rejected by children. The problem is cereal is full of sugar, bread’s full of processed ingredients (unless you do it yourself from scratch)…
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Vegan in Geneva

vegan restaurants in Geneva. Vegan shops in Geneva. Gluten-free shops and restaurants.

Restaurants and shops. A list of places everyone with dietary restrictions should know about. Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, and vegan in Geneva!  


Poppy seeds muffins

Delicous muffins full of Christmas! bonus: vegan, soy and gluten free!

Some of you may have noticed that my family is, for many reasons, switching to a vegan, soy- and gluten-free diet. As I like food to be healthy, I also need it to be really yummy. That means – it should be objectively delicious, it should be tasty for everyone. My veggie meals must be good even for meat lovers and my sweets must have nothing to be ashamed of when placed next to Nutella muffins. Continue reading



Dairy, egg, meat free. Can be gluten-free if you like.

Vegan falafel that even a meat lover will like.

Unhealthy made more healthy (or even very healthy) is my favorite kind of cooking.
I shared with you a recipe for burgers and banana pancakes. Now the time has come for a falafel tex-mex style. It takes max 25 mins to prepare and is a real delight! It is inspired by Jamie Oliver’s falafel recipe and our love for tex-mex food. Continue reading


Banana pancakes

Dairy, egg, soy and gluten free pancakes. Sweet breakfast!

I opened a fridge today and found 2 bananas not so fresh, they had to be used fast. I immediately knew I will go with my simple, quick, delicious AND dairy+egg free pancakes. I won’t take the credit for it. It’s a result of many pancakes recipes found on the internet. Thanks to whomever did…
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