Christmas Gifts for little world-explorers

To all of you who still haven’t decided on the Christmas gifts for small kids in the family – you’re not alone. I haven’t either. The choice is too wide to make a decision easily, or to write one post about all my favorite options, thus this list covers Christmas gifts for little world-explorers (aged around 3 and up).

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  • 3+ A very simple item that will boost kids’ curiosity is… a simple magnifying glass.

  • 3+ Learning Resources is one of the best place to equip your kid with.. well basically everything, but their science kits are just amazeballs!

A Hands-On Activity Lab. It’s an ultimate solution to every activity that might cause dirt.

A super duper science kit, with everything a child might need to play!

– An age-adapted microscope – my personal winner.

– Do you remember my magnetic marble run? Well, Learning Resources has a version for parents who have no time for crafts!

  • 4+ Goldie Blox. This is the most perfect compromise between small girls wanting pink, and parents wanting them to play with something more sophisticated than a princess doll! Because there are not so many women in STEM industries, these toys are consciously branded to attract little girls. Both the story, and the outcome are equally fascinating. We’re getting this set, but every single one of them looks like a lot of fun!

  • 4+ Science activities books – they are all about introducing science through play and fun, no boring textbooks or lectures! There are many of these, but let’s start with:

“The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments” by Holly Homer from Kids Activities Blog

“The Curious Kid’s Science Book” by Asia Citro from Fun at Home With Kids

  • 4+ Osmo. If you’ve ever been frustrated with the amount of iPad in your kids life but are also realistic about life in general, and the modern hi-tech-full-of-screens world, you need Osmo. It’s basically a toy that transforms the iPad to play with it without using the touchscreen! Unfortunately the only game for 4 year olds will be available in January 2017. But parents of 5+ – enjoy!

  • 4+ A globe kids that comes with stickers and markers, so that kids could color!



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4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for little world-explorers

  1. This year we decided to introduce Physics (esp. electric wires, voltage etc.) to our 7yo son. He´ll get this Electronic kit called Boffin. Hope he´ll enjoy it.

    • Oh how cool! Deep inside I think I love to buy toys like that because they excite me! I definitely have a bad experience with learning physics but it still fascinates me! Can’t wait till my daughter is older, so we could discover the world of science together!

  2. Our little scientist got a book of science experiments last year and we have had a fun time of making different bubbly concoctions. She also loves her microscope. A subscription to a kids magazine would be fun too, like Geo Explorer I think it’s called!

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