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If you landed here, good chances are you don’t have time for a traditional language courses. Or maybe due to your working schedule, and business travels there is no way you will ever be able to commit to a weekly course.

Maybe you have even tried one or two online language courses, but they are either boring, or take too much time off your busy day.

You might have also tried one of the popular apps, but they either missed explanations, or focused only on vocabulary, or didn’t really fit your level.

You need something different. Something based on videos and text, that would take no more than 15 minutes a day, something, a course that would not only track your progress, but adapt to your level, make you repeat until you know. At least this is what I wanted, so after trying out Frantastique I partnered up with them to bring the most enjoyable French course I’ve ever tried out.

Frantastique is an online French course I have been using for months now. It’s fun, quick and addictive! I use it via an app on my phone, but lessons also come to my mailbox (unless I tell the app to give me a break and put it on “vacation” mode).



(instead of regular 7 days free)


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