Lego printable patterns

There comes the day when all the puzzles available are done within seconds, they’re no longer a challenge. There also comes a day when it becomes clear that Duplo is no Technic.

Because let’s face it: farms, trains, and cars made of 10 blocks are freaking boring. 

Lego printable patterns

If you add to the mix a child, who is not so much interested in building, then… yup. You feel like making place for other toys and giving the Lego box away. I have a kid like that at home. She loves to watch us build, and she adores to play with what we build, but I was looking for ways to encourage her to build alone.

Because let’s face it: pretend play sucks – knows every mom who, when in need, was asked to use the pretend toilet.

My first idea involved engineering 101 – showing her many ways of connecting the blocks. I took few blocks of one color, gave her the same amount and shapes of a different colour and so we started. I would build a random shape, and then she’d copy it.

It turned out to be a really fun afternoon. She quickly wanted to build the shapes for me to copy – so yey, she started building on her own with her own ideas! From time to time I would make a mistake to 1) show her it’s not a big deal to make errors, 2) check whether she would catch the error and know how to help me fix it.

But let’s face it. The ultimate goal is to make them play on their own, right?

So, the same day I sat down to make some Lego printable patterns she could follow on her own, just like she does regular puzzles. You’ll find them at the bottom of the post. I made 4 versions: 4 piece one coloUr puzzles, 4 piece multi colour, 6 piece one-colour, and a 6 piece multi colour puzzles, so that you can choose different difficulty levels.

lego printable patterns

Each difficulty level comes in 2 formats: a pdf (2 images per page), or a zip file with postcard size images, you can print even on a photographic paper (or anything smaller than a4 really).

Here they go:

to download click on “download” next to the level you wish to download

  1. Easy one: 4 pieces, single colour (green): download.
  2. Level up: 4 pieces, 2 colours (yellow, orange): download.
  3. Phd level: 6 pieces, one colour (yellow): download.
  4. Master level: 6 pieces, 3 colours (green, blue, red): download.

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