Potty training regrets

Potty training regrets, learn from one’s mistakes.

As parents we often read advice on how to potty train and what to do. Our grandparents share their wisdom and other parents share their experiences. From musical potties to reward charts, there is a wealth of ‘what to do’ resources out there, but how often can you read about what people would have done differently?

I asked 6k parents on a local Facebook group about their biggest potty training regrets so we could try and learn from their mistakes:

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1. Emotions. Oh yes, unfortunately. It hits us all in some way.

“All I did was stress myself”,

“My regret was getting upset with her”,

“Not confessing the time my 2 yr old piddled in the fancy French delicatessen while the lady was out back checking my turkey order. Instead I just grabbed him and ran out”.

Don’t beat yourself up too much mama, we’ve all been there. If it’s too stressful, give your little one and yourself some rest, try in a few months again.

2. Timing. Some of the moms regret not trying to potty train their kids earlier. Others regret potty training (too) early.

“Not doing it sooner. I wasn’t ready when the kids were”,

“I started too early with my first and it took forever”,

“We started to late (2.5yrs) and it’s very hard as my little smarter has all the excuses. I wish I was more motivated one year ago.”

“I regret giving into the family and friends pressure and taking too long to recognise she wasn’t ready. I went far enough to traumatise her. Then I put stop to the training and started over few months later and everything went well”.\

Don’t get too obsessed with timing, try when you and your child seem ready and if it doesn’t work, take a break and try again in a few week’s time.

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3. Choosing the gear.

“…it was a pain cleaning the potty, I regret not getting the kiddy toilet seat sooner”.

“We essentially had to toilet train twice. Once to use the training toilet and a second time to use the actual toilet. This time we are using the toilet seats that flip down to make the hole smaller, like they use in preschools.”

“My child had no problem peeing in our potty, but if we didn’t have that (like if we were out in a store) she wouldn’t go – it meant I had to basically toilet train multiple times so she could use other toilets not just a potty”

I know many parents (including myself) who were opposed to using the adjusted toilet seats with ladders. They were always too colorful for my taste, took too much space, and make using the toilet for adults somewhat complicated. I wish I’d known about Yary Kidz toilet seats 2 years ago. When I look at it, it seems like a perfect solution to be used together with the sink stool that we all have anyway. It’s exactly what a toilet flip on seat should be about. It’s also super light, and easy to pack for a short trip, or long holidays (highway toilets are not scary anymore!).

4. Not knowing the golden tips. Like these ones:

“I regretted not always carrying spare clothes!”

“when you are ready to go for a long car drive without diapers, put a pair of disposable training pants over the child’s pants. If they have an accident they well still feel the discomfort to realize what happened but you won’t have to wash the entire car seat.”

“I regret using pull-ups, it just confuses them”

Whatever potty training method you decide on, remember that, normally, we all enter adulthood without diapers on. Your kid will get there too. And when you’re done training, come back here and share your regrets. Other moms will be grateful.

And as a nice surprise for you all, Yary Kidz has offered to giveaway 10 of their toilet seats (internationally)!

Here’s the link to the results of Yary Kidz giveaway that took place on Facebook. Congratulations to everyone who won!

Potty training regrets - Yarykidz giveaway

Good luck, and thank you to all the parents who shared their wisdom with me to help me write this article.


4 thoughts on “Potty training regrets

  1. Some great tips here. If I had any regrets I’ve forgotten them. There was one holiday when my twins were potty training and the potty went everywhere with us – appeared in every photo. So funny to look back on. I just wish there were more places either with family bathrooms or men’s toilets suitable for small children. As a mother I found I did more than my fair share of hanging around public restrooms, trying to keep one twin from touching everything while the other was busy!

  2. What worked for us was bringing out the potty early on, so that my daughter wasn’t afraid of it. She used to try it out from 1 year old, and at 22 months she practically potty trained herself!

  3. Potty training was something we struggled with big-time due to many factors which I won’t bother going into. But I always try to tell myself that we didn’t have many of the other issues with, say, food and sleep, that many parents seem to struggle with. Swings and roundabouts!

  4. I was one of the mums that started too early! I don’t know what I was thinking! I tried again the next summer and it was much much easier! So basically so listen to other people’s version of the “perfect” time and ignore your own ego about when you think it should be! Only pay attention to the child in front of you!

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