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Olga Sokolik, creator and owner at Milk, Crafts, and Honesty blogHi!

My name is Olga Sokolik. I’m a Polish woman, living in Switzerland, together with her husband, and a daughter.

This website is about everything parenting really. I mostly write to share some parenting tips, my personal thoughts on parenting-related issues (some of them being directly associated with my expat-parenting experience). From time to time I also write about my favourite time-gaining recipes, and if once in a while I have an Eureka! moment when it comes to play&craft ideas, I put them on the blog, too!

The name?

Milk, Crafts, and Honesty. “Milk” – relates both to the “parenting” side of the blog, and to the “food” side of the blog. “Crafts” is all about playing, and creating. And at last “Honesty” stands for who I am, and how I share my thoughts – in a direct, honest way.

How did all start?
After months of job haunting, in a city, where my CV apparently doesn’t fit, I got fed up, gave up and decided to do what I wanted to for quite some time – blog.

I wanted to blog. I had so many thoughts, opinions and ideas, that my husband couldn’t have handled all of them. I needed to find my tribe. I needed something more than Gymboree to socialize. One night, I sat down and created Milk, Crafts, and Honesty. The blog quickly became my passion, and an opportunity to learn new skills (from anger management, through photo editing process, to the magic of web development and social media).


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I’ll be more than happy to meet you, chat, or help if you I can.

Just drop me an e-mail at olga@milkcraftsandhonesty.com.

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