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I am not a native English speaker. My English is decent enough to let me verbalize my thoughts, but I do realize that literacy value of my blog will be low for native English speakers. I don’t write in my native tongue, because I don’t live in my home country, and it just felt right to do the blog in English.

I’ve already been called names and laughed at. If you are very frustrated with my English, this check list might help you:

  1. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you, being a native, ever make mistakes or put a comma in the wrong place?
  2. How many foreign languages do you speak enough to create a blog?
  3. Remember that we, non natives, learn a blend of English. My English teacher in high school was converted Russian teacher, just imagine. I have always been taught British English, but have been soaking American-English pop culture. So, I will say “learnt”. I might use “color” and “colour” in one text, or “pacifier and nappy” in another.
  4. I’m sorry I’m harming your language. I get it. I am the same when it comes to Polish grammar and spelling (made by native Polish speakers!). But I have always felt amazed by foreigners learning Polish and being able to communicate, no matter how many mistakes they make.
  5. Instead of calling me names, tell me where the mistake is. I’m eager to learn everyday! (And sometimes, it’s just a typo). Seriously, I will appreciate it and benefit from your scrutiny.

Hope to hear from you soon!


4 thoughts on “Use of English

  1. I think your English is really good!! Don’t let other people put you down for whatever reasons. Your reasons to this checklist corresponds to you bur also to a lot of other foreigners. British might not make a lot of mistakes as they can only speak English (most of them) and American English speakers make mistakes all the time. I like your blog, your humor and the way you write. Thank you. I’ll read more when I get time.

  2. Hi Olga, how I understand! As a Czech living in Switzerland I´ve decided to write my blog posts both in Czech & English since I know my audience are English speaking mothers/fathers/friends in Switzerland. My English isn´t perfect, but I´m doing my best! Keep on writing!

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