Lego printable patterns

Lego pattern printables

There comes the day when all the puzzles available are done within seconds, they’re no longer a challenge. There also comes a day when it becomes clear that Duplo is no Technic. Because let’s face it: farms, trains, and cars made of 10 blocks are freaking boring. 


The Activity Funbook printable

Activity Funbook printable

We’re all hungry, so the tension is rising. My husband is not great when it comes to preventing empty stomach from interfering with his mood, so how can I expect any “hanger” control from a 3 year old? The colouring pages are usually too boring, too complex, or too expensive to keep her happily occupied….
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Tracing alphabet printable

Letter tracing printable

How did it come to me doing a tracing alphabet printable? Well, I have recently run out of ideas what to draw, paint, craft, and do with Z. We’ve been recently spending time outside a lot skiing, skating, playing, and exploring, so once we got stuck at home due to weather conditions and car problems,…
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